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The Community Bank for the Best Community Ever: America

We started out in small-town America with the vision of serving the needs of families and businesses as a community bank. Beginning in 1986, we served small business owners and families in Pasco County, Florida. We lived together as neighbors, and we still do. This great country blessed us with opportunities, and we grew right along with our customers. We still support events and causes that keep our local community great.

In time, we learned that our approach to helping our neighbors was of great interest to folks beyond the immediate area. We began to help businesses in Tampa Bay, the state of Florida, and eventually across the country. We grew without forgetting our neighbors or how we got here.

Of course, there are a lot of great banks, but unlike most, we’ve been able to keep an entrepreneurial mindset and avoid becoming an obstacle when our customers need financing and other business services. Just as importantly, we listened to our customers like neighbors, understood their challenges, and worked hard—the old-fashioned way—to find creative solutions.  And we still do.



It’s been good to grow up this way, learning to appreciate the invisible foundation on which we were building and continue to build. That foundation is essentially the freedom America provides us to pursue our dreams as far as our drive and imagination can take us. We know that our customers, locally and across the country, appreciate that freedom, too.

Free enterprise has made the delivery of financial services through technology (FinTech) more accessible and convenient than ever before. New opportunities to meet the needs of our neighbors, near and far, are now beckoning. The First National Bank of Pasco leadership team is diligently evaluating emerging trends to provide unique and advantageous solutions for our customers.


These are exciting times. We are gratified that freedom has worked well to the benefit of many, but it is said, “To whom much is given, much will be required.” Our blessings certainly create a strong obligation to give.

With all this in mind, we are standing for American freedom, the great engine of progress around the world. It’s not always popular or fashionable to talk about loving freedom and loving America. But American freedom has been purchased at great prices throughout our history. It’s worth standing for now and forever.


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